Pearl Exchange

Deep, cross-chain liquidity for tokenized Real World Assets.

An Introduction

In just a few short months, Pearl grew to be one of the largest native protocols on Polygon, with the second highest TVL of any DEX on the chain, a thriving community and a flywheel which consistently delivered outstanding incentives to both liquidity providers and governance participants.

We're back with a v2 product, building on our past successes to brining deep liquidity for tokenized RWAs cross-chain, optimized with new, cutting-edge technology and a proven flywheel.

Pearl will now live natively on, the permissionless L2 for tokenized RWAs built with Arbitrum Orbit, with planned cross-chain deployments coming soon.

As believers in the ongoing real world asset (RWA) revolution in DeFi, we identified a strategic opportunity to embrace this shift, building a product focused on the needs of protocols and users looking to invest in tokenized real world assets. There’s a huge first-mover advantage to owning this space and deploying to is our best opportunity to capitalize on the growing RWA TVL.

We envision Pearl the native liquidity layer for RWAs, prioritizing this category and promoting value generation for users. Pearl provides a liquidity solution for both new and existing RWA protocols, solving initial liquidity challenges while also serving as an efficient solution to long-term liquidity incentivization. Pearl is owned by its users—protocols and investors—with their collective contributions helping to establish Pearl as one of DeFi’s premier AMMs. In an economy that's decentralized and open-source, we firmly believe that a cooperative approach is vital to outpace competitors and position your product as a market frontrunner.

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