Initial Supply and Distribution

50,000,000 Pearl: How They've Been Distributed

NOTE: Distribution data carried over from earlier deployments of Pearl. No new $PEARL have been minted or distributed as part of the v2 deployment. Distribution details below were completed in June 2023.

Pearl tokenomics have been designed to incentivize positive action and align the incentives of all ecosystem participants to create shared value in the protocol. Various groups and early participants will receive initial $vePEARL positions to activate their participation in the Pearl economy, however tokenomics require continued participation to maintain longterm value.

30% $vePEARL Protocol Partnerships (locked)

30% of the initial supply was earmarked to protocols who demonstrated their willingness to engage with the exchange, rewarding the projects and communities who will make Pearl an enduring success.

Unallocated tokens continue to be managed by the team used in partnership with the to provide liquidity incentives via bribe recycling.

Protocol teams who pair their tokens with core chain assets i.e. USTB and contribute to the public goods fund will be eligible for bribe recycling and other liquidity incentives.

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