Strategic Partnership

Tangible remains a key strategic partner in the development of Pearl

Pearl proved the ability to rapidly build liquidity for RWAs using our innovative flywheel, with projectable increase to bribes from Epoch to Epoch as the driver to token demand, sustainable yield and ultimately liquidity provision.

The primary driver for developing Pearl was capturing the incoming liquidity for tokenized RWAs as the first-mover. We will believe that bringing real world equity on-chain is one of the fastest ways to grow TVL in crypto and we've shown our capacity to create deep liquidity for those assets on Pearl.

Given our desire to pursue the strategies above, we remain committed to our partnership with Tangible. Tangible's capacity to leverage off-chain yield for liquidity incentives is still a powerful growth mechanism for Pearl making them the optimal partner going forward. Their first-hand experience building in this space and understanding of the consumer demand for RWAs is a valuable intangible they bring to the partnership.

Pearl v2 launches with Tangible's $USTB as one of the base stablecoin in all pairs. $USTB is a wrapped version of $USDM, which is a stablecoin that's fully backed by US Treasury Bills, with a risk-free 5% yield. Dynamic incentives from $USTB, Baskets and other rebasing tokens on the chain will be an integral component to the growth of Pearl and necessary ingredient in our flywheel.

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