Emissions Schedule

Emissions specifications

  • Weekly emissions (at inception): 2,600,000 $PEARL

  • Weekly emissions decay: 1%

  • Weekly treasury wallet allocation: 2.5%

  • Weekly $vePEARL rebase: Up to 70% at an 80% lock rate

  • Emissions for liquidity providers: Minimum of 27.5%

Inflation Protection

Our goal is to build an ecosystem of dedicated token lockers, motivated by their understanding of the value of an increasing weekly incentive budget.

We seek to reward teamwork amongst our ecosystem participants, balancing that with opportunities for new entrants—consumer or protocol—at any time. After extensive discussion and modeling, we've determined the following is the optimal inflation protection i.e. rebase approach for our DEX:

Inflation protection percentage will grow linearly from 0% at a 0% $vePEARL lock rate to a maximum of 70% at an 80% $vePEARL lock rate.

This means that each week 70% of the emissions are distributed proportionally to $vePEARL positions provided ecosystem participants maintain maintaining an 80% lock rate on $vePEARL as new $PEARL enter circulation each week. New participants immediately benefit from this rebase protection at the same rate as established ecosystem players. Rebase rate will drop if new participants do not lock $PEARL and the lock rate falls.

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