How to Add Liquidity

Adding Liquidity: Step-by-Step Guide

Only liquidity deposited and staked through the ALM will be eligible to earn emissions rewards. All other liquidity provisions will earn fees.

  1. Make sure you are on the Earn page.

  2. Click on “Connect Wallet” and select your preferred wallet.

    1. In this demonstration, Metamask is selected. Note that using other wallets might result in different prompts in your wallet.

  3. Confirm the connection in Metamask.

  4. From this page you can review each pool’s:

    1. Pair: the pair of tokens in the pool

    2. Fee: the fee in % collected by the pool on each trade

    3. APR: the reward rate collected by LPs (Liquidity Providers) if they stake their position

    4. TVL: the total amount of liquidity in the pool, in USD

    5. Fees (24h): the amount of fees collected by the pool, and distributed to LPs in the last 24 hours

    6. Volume (24h): the trading volume of the pool in the last 24 hours

  5. Select the pool where you want to add liquidity, and click on “Deposit”.

  6. By default, you will be adding liquidity using the Active Liquidity Management. Since Pearl pools use concentrated liquidity, this is the recommended solution for all but the most experienced users, who can switch to the Manual mode, by clicking on “Deposit with Manual mode”. The ALM automatically rebalances liquidity ranges when price triggers are met, providing the optimal balance of profit and risk without the complexity of frequent position management usually required in manual mode. To earn emissions (rewards), users must deposit and stake thorough the ALM.

  7. In either case, input the amount of each token you wish to add to the pool. In Manual mode, you will also be able to set the price range where you want to deploy liquidity. Now, click on:

    1. “Deposit & Stake” if you want to stake your position and collect the pool APR rewards.

    2. “Deposit” if you just want to collect pool’s fees

  8. Approve tokens spending, and sign the required transactions. Make sure to have enough reETH to cover gas fees.

  9. You have successfully added liquidity, and now you can check your position and rewards from the Dashboard.

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